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1 – Social Media Management

A- Social Media Management and Content Sharing
High-resolution visuals and interactive videos that will be shared periodically and parallel to your communication plan will be supported with rich content texts in your social media channels. While creating your social media content, we take into consideration your potential customers and target group, and analyze the agenda and needs of the sector in which you operate in detail. After working on issues such as identifying the customer base you want to reach, identifying the messages you want to deliver, we work with you throughout the process to attract more traffic to your website thanks to campaigns designed specifically for your company and introductory, educational and engaging social media sharing.

B- Advanced Analytical Social Media Management Reporting
We provide monthly analytical reports to our clients who are in the corporate plan of our company. Thanks to our comprehensive analytical report, we measure the performance of all of your business’s social media channels and record and share with you how and at what points your performance has changed throughout the month.

2- Social Media Advertising

By using social media advertising effectively, you can increase your followers, reach the potential customer group you have difficulties to reach, and even increase your sales and get very effective and efficient results for your company.