Mobile Application &

Mobile Application Development

Native application development means, in its basic terms, the ability to use all the capabilities of mobile devices. This means not making any compromises from the designed user experience and enlarging the size of the mobile product turning into a real business area. From this perspective, we, CAP, focus entirely on performance and clean code understanding and use the apps Swift for iOS and Kotlin for Android.

Web Development

Web components are essential parts of fully supported mobile products. Our team provides professional services for the installation of Webmasters, Content Management Systems or small CRM (Customer Relationship Management) programs.

Backend Services

We focus on the creation of fully supported mobile products and employ backend and web developers who have the hardware and experience to support the product team. Thus, we get far more in return for our work in this sector. Now, we work with our in- house teams that cover all the components of your product from front-end / back-end design to product management. We assure you that you will see the difference of our work when you experience the delivery time and budget of the projects..

UX and UI Design

As CAP, we first look at the picture the eyesof our users in order to understand theirneeds; then we design products that meet their different and specific needs. From understanding the user experiences we want to create to creating templates, developing prototypes and developing a remarkable interface – we work in all stages of the UX and UI design process with you together.

Product Tests and Quality Assurance

Anyone with little experience in software
development knows that bugs are part of the code, and that testing and debugging works are essential for the software development process. With this point of view, in all the projects we have started, we devote a certain part of the process to the tests to ensure that the products we produce are problem-free. Thus, together with our test team, we detect bugs in all stages from the beginning of the production process to the final stage, monitor the problems and ensure that the product is planned as a whole.

Product Description and Strategy

We briefly describe ourselves as a group of
strategists, UX designers, encoders, and product managers specialized in years of experience in the construction, launch and development of mobile products and bringing this expertise to our business partners. We always focus on increasing the value your product should create at the user and on reducing the potential risks with the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) available. In all these processes, we work with the most possible elementary methods and act with real data instead of predictions.