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1 – Research and Strategy

We believe in the importance of research-oriented, strategic forecasts, and we combine our expertise with the experience of your team to conduct our research processes. Once we have learned everything about your team, especially your brand, your goals, your customer group and your placement within the competition, we get to work and we focus on data that provide direct information about target groups, user flow, content strategy, brand positioning and ongoing marketing activities.

2 – Content Creation

As a team, we work with your business throughout the research and development stages and prepare a business plan developed with a common mind. Then, using our design and development skills, we complete the process of writing texts that can be turned into contents that will arouse interest and will please your target group. In this way, we create active and attractive contents for your digital marketing channels.

3- Content Oriented Design

The message about what a house means is not shown by the decoration, but by the content of the house. Therefore, if the text- based content is reduced to the visual design element, the shape of the text and thus the
counterfeit content replaces the actual data, it is inevitable that the customers will have exaggerated and unrealistic expectations. As CAP, we take page content and messages into consideration when making decisions
about design and we focus on using real elements in the content. In our design processes, we focus on content and messages, and we evaluate these elements to inspire our designs.

4- Development and Activation

Our team works with design team leaders and strategic content experts to provide the right design and high customer satisfaction, thus balancing the presentation and performance of the project in the best way. In this process, which is often time consuming and requires a discipline of cooperation, we aim not only to provide the most elegant and hassle-free experience, but also to present all possible opportunities to improve the performance of the website.